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There is a very famous quote by Walt Disney;

“Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.”


And most definitely imagination and creativity has no age.

I was fortunate enough to run into an Art Exhibition last week, where I was amazed by the paintings on display and what was more astounding was that the artist was a little girl of age 11.

Niharika Pant


Niharika, the artist, had a growing interest in art since she was three; and has been painting for the past two years.

This little girl is a box of imagination, expressing her ideas through her paintings. Her art is extremely influenced by Nepal and the Nepali lifestyle, with minute details taken into consideration. In fact the theme of the showcase was Nepal. She had displayed 31 artworks that created in the past two years. Stupas surrounded by prayer flags, many different interpretations of Buddha, an artwork portraying growth of Kathmandu, beautiful depiction of Orchids, Machhapuchhre, typical Nepali house, and more. Her first painting was of a baby Buddha.  She has portrayed all of these through her paintings, using many techniques; acrylic, watercolours, oil, pencil, collage, also trying her hands on some 3D art and experimenting with many other techniques.

Acrylic Painting

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Her artwork was exhibited at Embers Restaurant from the 22nd to the 24th of April. Almost half of her paintings were sold with in these three days.

This budding artiste astonished me, when she explained me all her paintings as she guided me through each of them.

Niharika has been training for the past two year under Ms. Kali Bipana, who gave me further insight on her work. Ms. Kali only provides technical help to Niharika, “They are all her ideas and her concepts. I didn’t give her any ideas, just the technical help. I know her only from the past two years. Nowadays a lot of people want to see a different paintings, so she is constantly trying different and new textures.”

She explained that Niharika’s acrylic painting of the Orchid with the texture in the background was the perfect example of her experiments. The teacher gives her all the freedom to experiment with her art. Ms. Kali feels proud to be Niharik’s teacher, “I am her teacher, I have a lot of students, but I have never met any student like her. In the future I may, but in the past, I haven’t. I am proud to be her teacher.”

Niharika is a young artist with a very mature thinking with an incredible support from her parents and her teacher, which is required for her growth. She has an extraordinary talent and the passion for painting and I can’t wait to see more of her artwork in the future.


Paintings by Niharika Pant

Text: Mithila Jariwala


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