Making Kathmandu, a Public Art Gallery!

Kolor Kathmandu is a familiar name in the valley now. Kolor Kathmandu, known to many, is an initiative of Sattya Media Arts Collective* to create sustainable change through art.

All these years the people of Nepal have been exposed to visual noise. Large red political statements have taken over the street walls in Kathmandu.  This project aims to make Kathmandu a public art gallery. Their goal is to create 75 creative, inspiring and edgy murals around the valley that will represent 75 districts of Nepal.

Many local and international artists from around the world have been participating in creating these murals.



One of whom is Danaé Brissonnet, a 21 year old artist from Canada who is working on her first mural in Kupondol. She has been in Nepal for two weeks now. While her first mural is still a work in progress, she aims to finish it by the end of one more week and then start her second mural. Her current mural represents the district of Doti.

This is Danaé’s first time in Asia, but prior to this she lived in Latin America for a year and a half, where she painted several murals. Danaé is an extremely creative artist and based on her past works, she received a grant and raised funds to travel to the other side of the globe and paint away.

Mural 2


Her mural is extremely intense and comprehensive. She says that she feels enormously inspired by this country and its people. In her words, “I have extensively painted murals in the past but not with such minute attention to details. Nepal inspires me a lot which leads to these intricacies.”

Mural 1


Her mural portrays physical and alcohol abuse towards women, hypocrisy of the society, various ideologies rampant in the society and a lot more. But to know more of what her art depicts, we need to wait for the end result. “I can only explain the entire mural once I complete it.”

Just as Danaé, every artist is creating beautiful murals depicting different messages around Kathmandu.

This is a great initiative by Sattya that makes passerbys stop and think.


* Sattya Media Arts Collective is a resource network for artists, writers, filmmakers, photographers, and other creative types in Nepal. It aspires to improve the creative scene in Nepal and provide opportunities for creative people.



- Mithila Jariwala

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